Promoting Independence, Encouraging Growth, Furthering Success



Intermediate Care Facility

Active Treatment

The program allows the consumers to participate in community activities of their choice thus maintaining the consumers' necessary skills and abilities to function as independently and productively as possible. Consumer empowerment is the ultimate goal on which our service delivery is based.

An Inter-Disciplinary Team (IDT) comprised of the consumer's Primary Care Physician, Physical, Occupational and Speech Therapists, Registered Dietician, Neuro-Psychologist, Nursing and Goal Specialists work in co-operation to assist the consumer in achieving desired independent living skill goals. The IDT and the consumer develop an Individual Program Plan (IPP) which provides direction and is updated yearly.

Individual Living Skill (ILS) training is provided in (13) areas that include but are not limited to: Personal Assistance Management, Self Care, Daily Living Skills, Communication, Self Help, Recreational Skills, Advocacy, Transportation and Vocational Skills.


If you would like further information regarding the programs/services offered and eligibility requirements please contact the Program Manger at:

Erie Independence House, Inc
3108 Zuck Road
Erie, PA 16506-3161

Phone: (814) 833-9955
Fax: (814) 835-1772

Erie Independence House ICF is located in a neighborhood setting and is centrally located.
Erie Independence House Intermediate Care Facility promotes independence, encourages growth, and furthers success.